Manufacturer Of ‎ Stretch Leather Garments And Stretch Leather.

The story

We are manufacturer of high fashion stretch leather clothing's with a impeccable track record of client satisfaction and timely delivery of goods for last 15 years . We are based in Delhi, India. WE have our own production of stretch leather. Our premium stretch leather is made using a very innovative concept making it one of its kind . We make all type of stretch leather (Nappa,Suede, all types of prints and embossed)

Our Products Fully Comply ‎With REACH STANDARD


We believe in Producing High Quality Products. We have the expertise in manufacturing stretch leather clothing's (pants and skirts) .Serious consideration is given to the minutest detail at every step. The flexibility and proficiency of our production lines allow us to quickly adapt the system to manufacture as per client's requirements. Each piece is created by proficient craftsmen using modern production techniques with amalgamation of traditional skills.


Stretch Nappa Pencil Skirt

High Waist Stretch Suede Pant

Stretch Leather Jeans

Elastic Waist Stretch Nappa Legging

Long Stretch Nappa Pencil Skirt

Stretch Leather Normal Legging

Stretch Suede Flare Pant

Two Tone Suede Legging

Low Waist Stretch Nappa Legging


1 mm Thickness‎ Stretch Nappa For Boots

1 mm Thickness Stretch Suede For Boots

‎Embossed Stretch Leather For Garments

Printed Stretch Leather For Garments

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